My return to the hobby

When I was a teen I’ve been introduced to “the hobby“, it was with the famous Games Workshop Warhammer 40 000. Then like a lot of young players I had to stop because of high school, lack of money, going to university etc. In a word life happened.

Time passed. And here I am 26 years old with the idea to start again to paint minis that had never left me. Always looking what was new over internet new minis, new games etc. So I went on a quest to find a way to start again and found the “Space Marines + Paint Set“.

This set has given me the oportunity to try the new Citadel products. My first reaction were “Wow the base paint brush has got so much bigger, how do they think I will paint details with this?” second reaction “Awww no half the paint are nearly dried.” few minutes later “aren’t those space marines somehow big?”.

After some reasearches. Yes the base paint in this box is really big and not really usefull, I quickly had to buy a set of brushes in a local art shop.  Compared to my first base brush when I was a teen its quite a disapointment. Its really hard to clean paint get stuck in bristles. Also yes the marines are way bigger than the other boxes, I think this set is just meant to be displayed.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t had fun painting Space Marines, I’m a Chaos guy hence the bad work. I really don’t like what I did. It was hard to start again with a big brush and trying to figure out what were the good proportion for thining the paint. Actually this was the most difficult task for me. My home tap water despite being perfectly drinkable is a really hard water with a lot of chemicals to make it clean and it reacted really badly with paint making it way too thin. The perfect solution was distiled water. BUt even with that said I’d love to have some good advices and critics to get better.

I think I’ll now go for new projects: a group of Chaos Marines and a metal Wolfen from the game Conforntation. I think metal minis are better for training they can be easely unpainted with solvant.

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