New set up and WIP

Some months has passed. This summer I moved to a new flat so I couldn’t paint for a long time. Fortunatly that permited me to set myself a comfy little corner to work on my minis. I’ve got myself some Hobby Zone nice block from their Modular Workshop System.

I’m actually working on some Chaos Space Marines and Necrons. The first result for the CSMC is not great but the Necron already look better. As always I’m using Vallejo Model Color paints. other brands are hard to get around here there is no quality hobby shop. So I’ve got to buy online and that can get quiete expensive so I don’t do it so often or when I travel and found a nice shop I bring back with me some little treasure at home. But on the other side we have quiet a few art store so I don’t lack of spray Paint cans for undercoats.

Talking about spray paint this times I undercoated with Liquitex spray paint. I used Neutral Grey 5 and I love that color its really vibrant, its not too light, not too dark, other colors stand out on it, Liquitex is a really good brand in term of pigment. Unfortunatly there is a downside, the texture of the paint because its not solvant based is a bit liquid and can get a bit thick on the mini. So I had to relearn how to undercoat with spray paint, get it done from farther, longer drying time, doing a second coat sometime etc etc. But once you’re used to it I thing it can be a good alternative to solvant based even more if you are into madeling terrain because this paint is styrofoam friendly, it won’t melt. After discovering the nice pigment from Lquitex I’ll investigate their “Soft Body” paint as an alternative to more conventional Hobby brands.

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